tv shows and movies I will NEVER make videos about

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Riverdale has completely lost its mind...
To All The Boys 2 is kinda dumb...
ZOMBIES 2 doesn't make any sense...
ZOMBIES is hilariously dumb...
Home Alone 2 literally makes no sense...
Victorious was kinda dumb...
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123kidxpac123pac - 9 саат мурун
Inbetweeners is the one you need to do
Sarah Talbot
Sarah Talbot - 11 саат мурун
U should do the unlisted
Jai Cilento I LoveThatGuy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l
*☼ uber congrats on the 2M man.* Long way from the streets of Japan. 私はこれのためにグーグル翻訳を使用しませんでした!私はヤンデックスを使用しました-なぜ私は嘘をつくのですか?おめでとうございます!
Kaitlyn bottorff
Kaitlyn bottorff - 14 саат мурун
You should do key house from Netflix
Kaitlyn bottorff
Kaitlyn bottorff - 14 саат мурун
Or what ever they show is called
PassionatelyMarie - 16 саат мурун
anyone one here that doesn't like brooklyn nine nine that much? i started watching cuz of all the rave and cuz everyone said it's so good. i just can't get into it, i gave it a few tries but i gave up. watched like 2 episodes but idk the humor is just off. i don't think it's that funny. maybe simply not my humor. i laughed with a few things but for the most part it didn't leave me dead. for instance friends or himym for me are actual funny shows. they make me piss my pants and genuinely laugh. don't drag me if i don't like it and you do. it's just my opinion. i'm just stating it.
Londyn Everglade - BNHA Hero OC -
Londyn Everglade - BNHA Hero OC - - 17 саат мурун
I have one more question: what about Teen Beach movie? 😂😂 (I know someone else said it already but I also had it on my mind the entire video)
monsterkind - 19 саат мурун
you should review scales - mermaids are real
Manga Reader 831
Manga Reader 831 - 20 саат мурун
i have a one word response for this video

Barney Hibberd
Barney Hibberd - 21 саат мурун
Do Brooklyn nine nine and it will get so many views
Barney Hibberd
Barney Hibberd - 21 саат мурун
Can u plz do Brooklyn nine nine
Sophia Nash
Sophia Nash - 21 саат мурун
Just saying I'm so happy that he used zombies as an example a lot.It made me remember the video that brought me to this channel.
Sophia Nash
Sophia Nash - 21 саат мурун
i love the way you do your videos rn,Please dont change them!
Mark - 22 саат мурун
It's amazing to see how much thought you put into making "dumb" videos about dumb TV shows. It's obvious why you have so many subscribers.
WFarkhandajabeen Waseemzahoor12
WFarkhandajabeen Waseemzahoor12 - 23 саат мурун
Please do miraculous ladybug
Dani - 23 саат мурун
Buuut... Maybe you can try? Just once? And when the audience reaction is not good than we will all forget that this happened 😂
Annabelle Hodgson
Annabelle Hodgson - Күн мурун
Last I checked....I'm not from the UK 🇦🇺
ReyTheJediLady ViaJakku
ReyTheJediLady ViaJakku - Күн мурун
Some k-dramas are awesome. Especially the historical stuff
Merilirem - Күн мурун
Your art-style is already different enough from most animated shows that it would work.
Bethany Howard
Bethany Howard - Күн мурун
okay but like you totally need to do the princess diaries tho because its straight up your alley but sooo good honestly
ShieldFNM - Күн мурун
I’ve heard of Brooklyn nine nine but never watched it
Alvaro Francia Borrero
Alvaro Francia Borrero - Күн мурун
alex i hope that all american video comes soon
Olga Bunčić
Olga Bunčić - Күн мурун
So the issue is that bitches cant read? Lmao
Jaz Kelly
Jaz Kelly - Күн мурун
you should do Aj and the queen
Nathan Krum
Nathan Krum - Күн мурун
This video is about them...
lulu njifan
lulu njifan - Күн мурун
please make oe about harry potter
Karen Triminio
Karen Triminio - Күн мурун
I actually can understand the reasoms of you not doing it so I agree and support you
Wrestling 721
Wrestling 721 - Күн мурун
Honestly real dude.
Kayla Zurliene
Kayla Zurliene - Күн мурун
Still waiting for greys anatomy...
Lead_Marie - Күн мурун
oh yeah, raycon is bomb.
Sravani Aadipudi
Sravani Aadipudi - Күн мурун
What about The Fosters? Can you do that one please?
Paramormal - Күн мурун
You should do i'm not okay with this!
Harshita Kasat
Harshita Kasat - Күн мурун
Can you do it on Umbrella academy
Mi Mi Tran
Mi Mi Tran - Күн мурун
watch greenhouse academy, that show is awful. it's great!
Ha Phuong Nguyen Thi
Ha Phuong Nguyen Thi - Күн мурун
do modern family !!
Abbi Over
Abbi Over - Күн мурун
Love your videos! I enjoyed video essays like your Nestle one and I miss them! Maybe (not that I know anything) use your avatar for movie comentaries as well for commentary like thos video essays
bodki malone
bodki malone - Күн мурун
An American claiming he know British culture...I really really doubt that...
Lord Chilly
Lord Chilly - Күн мурун
I have a simple question, would you do cgi animation because it’s like a mix of a cartoon and live action
Dizi - Күн мурун
The reasons are so good! But you REALLY need to do I am not okay with this
Haljordan4life - 2 күн мурун
Please change your thumbnails. They are extremely cringe with the animated expressions and the arrogant "wut".
the bro of the bros
the bro of the bros - 2 күн мурун
Sool Martinez
Sool Martinez - 2 күн мурун
so can i ask for you to make a video about Wynonna Earp or The Good Place? pleeeaaasee
connor hennessey
connor hennessey - 2 күн мурун
Your making a video on them now
john - 2 күн мурун
React to a muppets movie
Krisenstein - 2 күн мурун
You had to choose the worst example for an Indian reference didn’t ya? 🤦‍♂️
Key - 2 күн мурун
Not that deep just do it
AyanaGamer 76
AyanaGamer 76 - 2 күн мурун
Can you do Teen beach movie and the second one
Anne Mehlfeld
Anne Mehlfeld - 2 күн мурун
I LOVE your rantsona!! Best one! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise! :D
Hitesh Burada
Hitesh Burada - 2 күн мурун
Make a vid on Zoeys extraordinary playlist
Hannah Iqbal
Hannah Iqbal - 2 күн мурун
Just finished watching the new series of unfortunate events on Netflix u should give that a try
K Plays
K Plays - 2 күн мурун
He said he’ll never make videos about it but he’s making one about those ones just a different kind of vid
Gian Ranque
Gian Ranque - 2 күн мурун
Sooo...There won't be Teen Beach???
Logan Wilkinson
Logan Wilkinson - 2 күн мурун
3:21 That map just bashed NJ... ouch. *cries in most hated state of the entire country*
Cassandra - Күн мурун
better than being called backwards or racist tho. haha
Lindsey Gansen
Lindsey Gansen - 2 күн мурун
He’s very reasonable. I can’t argue
Everything Ordinary
Everything Ordinary - 2 күн мурун
You should do Outlander from Netflix
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi - 2 күн мурун
Isn’t a rantsonna the same as a persona? Also he isn’t wrong it really is the ugliest persona I’ve ever seen
I am a alien
I am a alien - 2 күн мурун
you should review doctor who. I would love that
Aelin Galathynius
Aelin Galathynius - 2 күн мурун
React to Anime please!
Nikolas Efthimiadis
Nikolas Efthimiadis - 2 күн мурун
Yeah all good with that but when are you going to do Sexual Education ?

JK Your points where good. Just keep it up and you'll become my 11th favourite YouTuber 😉
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi - 2 күн мурун
some good visual gags with animated shows and find a fun way to incorporate your humor and style into it, it might take a lot longer to create but I’d wait patiently 😇
Estrella Guerrero
Estrella Guerrero - 2 күн мурун
when I saw the k drama cheese in a trap in 2:02 I had a heart attack cause I LOVE it so much.........please do a video on it
Orc Savage
Orc Savage - 2 күн мурун
Hey alex, here's a tip... DON'T SPONSOR!! RAID: SHADOW LEGENDS!!!!!
Mule The Donkey
Mule The Donkey - 2 күн мурун
Beooklyn Nine Nine is just is Communjty, which is on Hulu AND netflix now. And of course The Office
Mule The Donkey
Mule The Donkey - 2 күн мурун
I think that nobody would not distinghush between them, different animation completely
Complain Central
Complain Central - 2 күн мурун
Well, The OA doesn’t apply so you should take a look at it
xXNotaGachaTuber Xx
xXNotaGachaTuber Xx - 2 күн мурун
Brooklyn nine nine and stuff like that are good but I agree with Alex
Awele Chukwumah
Awele Chukwumah - 2 күн мурун
I understand every point you made, and appreciate the amount of effort you put into your videos, but I’ll still argue that doing Miraculous would work. The contrast between the 3D and your cartoony art style works, at least for me.
Gacha Epicness
Gacha Epicness - 2 күн мурун
Do Sam and cat
Bangtan Trash
Bangtan Trash - 2 күн мурун
What about a show like,,, Merlin? (A British tv show that I know is on Aussie Netflix but I’m not sure abt anywhere else)
tiggz R
tiggz R - 2 күн мурун
Raycon are Samsung rip offs...idk how ppl can support em
Helena - 2 күн мурун
I agree completely with all you said, especially why you don't do cartoons. I remember you did that one sponsered cartoon from amazon or something and it really didn't work (no offense). So just keep doing what you're doing, it's working and your videos are hilarious!
Ged Wynn
Ged Wynn - 2 күн мурун
Hey please react to Cube the horror movie
M&M Edits
M&M Edits - 2 күн мурун
Skam Austin would be perfect because it's a teen show that is supposed to be serious (for the most part) and deals with issues that most teens can relate to.
Turtle Derp1123
Turtle Derp1123 - 3 күн мурун
the jokes on you because you just made a video about all of these shows.
Marie Julshede
Marie Julshede - 3 күн мурун
I think you could still do cartoons with your HORRIFICLY ADORABLE RANTSONA, maybe change the format slightly and spend longer on the vids, but you could see you do some good visual gags with animated shows and find a fun way to incorporate your humor and style into it, it might take a lot longer to create but I’d wait patiently 😇
Lauren Kennedy
Lauren Kennedy - 3 күн мурун
Please put your videos on dark mode
Prim_Manga - 3 күн мурун
Priya Ruparelia
Priya Ruparelia - 3 күн мурун
if you ever do a bollywood movie do k3g
Nick H
Nick H - 3 күн мурун
I know a show you could do: Game of thrones? I know it’s long but I just thought I’d through my metaphorical hat into the ring
Kendall Patterson
Kendall Patterson - 3 күн мурун
Do the new power rangers series 😂😂😂
mixio hili
mixio hili - 3 күн мурун
I’m just saying: Cartoon Network’s “tower prep”
Xx L x m o n xX
Xx L x m o n xX - 3 күн мурун
Can u try ‘Lady bird’?
It’s on netflix and it’s another teen romcom. The ending is really weird too