Joe: We Need A President That Follows The Advice Of Scientists, Doctors | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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The president removed a top Pentagon official leading the committee tasked with overseeing implementation of the $2 trillion coronavirus law, putting his own pick in place. The panel discusses the latest in Trump's response to coronavirus. Aired on 4/8/2020.
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Joe: We Need A President That Follows The Advice Of Scientists, Doctors | Morning Joe | MSNBC
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SUSAN MEYER - 7 күн мурун
trump belongs in prison, not the White House...How many more deaths will he cause before November!!!
Turbo Charged
Turbo Charged - 7 күн мурун
a president that bows to your fake doctors and experts? you are fake news you only want the economy to crumble so you can blame trump. #realvirusfakepandemic
Sandra Brown
Sandra Brown - 10 күн мурун
dUMP tRUMP he sucks, is a liar, insane, thunder thigh ugly creature of unknown species! He is killing America AND Americans! A wannabe Hitler! Look what you did Republicans! Shame on You!
Yun Kim
Yun Kim - 12 күн мурун
All he cares about money that’s his power
Yun Kim
Yun Kim - 12 күн мурун
You need to watch trump he will Launder the people’s money for his benefit and not go to the people he knows he will lose 2020
M M - 13 күн мурун
If you're a gardener or garbage man and D.Trump likes you u can become a millionaire in a year after he makes you Sec. Of state or ambassador to Spain. Only in America!!!
M M - 13 күн мурун
The United states government is being pimped by a maniacal nut that is D.Trump Everyone he hires are being made a millionaire if they can last approx. 1 year. Boy it's gotta be great being a con boy uh man!!!! Is the government stupid or just in on this easy money Deal??!!
TJ - 15 күн мурун
*Trump was too busy **_firing folks and holding up newspapers with ACQUITTAL headlines_** to even notice.* #thelincolnproject
Gary Quarty
Gary Quarty - 16 күн мурун
Hey joe why don't you bring on the Dr that did that phoney autopsy on the dead girl in your Florida office . He only lost his license a couple of times.
Jackie Beckwith
Jackie Beckwith - 16 күн мурун
It’s very scary when the ppl that voted him in will vote for him again. Those types of ppl are very scary and they should be ashame of putting someone in office that is a threat to America. they were expecting a $20,000 check from trump for their vote. donald trump reminds me of the scarecrow and tinman .
Norma Hernandez
Norma Hernandez - 18 күн мурун
How much more of this circus are we going to allow? We need a President that will do the right thing for all Americans!!! We need someone that is intelligent and has the best interest for the people of this nation. Our health is the most important thing for all humans. Wake up America!!!!
Precioso Jr. Lim
Precioso Jr. Lim - 19 күн мурун
Trump's absolute chaotic disaster.
Thomas Tamir
Thomas Tamir - 19 күн мурун
You can't trust a commie demorat. You are a jerk Biden. The first thing the demorats did was take a vow to derail Trump, any way and by any means. We need a government, not a kindergarten.
ada Figueroa
ada Figueroa - 20 күн мурун
Fat🍊 Trump, is so full of 💩
Chester Logan
Chester Logan - 21 күн мурун
Donald J Trump will never let the coronavirus come to the U. S. That is a lie. Not only did he allow convid 19 in. He opened the door and invited the virus into the White House and offered it a seat in his office.
Hal Hosmer
Hal Hosmer - 21 күн мурун
No Joe, we just need a president.
A real one.
Margaret Alexander
Margaret Alexander - 21 күн мурун
Chaos just begins! At least he would have he and his family to blame, for mistakes. In addition, the squandering of funds, would be revelation, of his obvious incompetence.
God! Bless Trump's brain, with YOUR waters, of gainful objectives, AND ACTIONS. Thank you!AMEN!
somaric1 - 23 күн мурун
I see now, he's a cheerleader not a president. He will go down in history as the worst president ever. great criminal. only joking good criminals don't get caught ?
Annie Helton
Annie Helton - 23 күн мурун
We need Trump to step down or resign so we can atleast celebrate the end of the greatest liar of all time. We pray everyday 🙏 for an end to this administration.
Greg B Schultz
Greg B Schultz - 23 күн мурун
Is Pence a cut out...... what weak little man and Joe give someone else a say or that is me gone from watching your show.
Richard Flower
Richard Flower - 24 күн мурун
We need a president period!
James Davis
James Davis - 24 күн мурун
Trump don't want anyone around to see what he does with the money !!!!!
b kannha
b kannha - 27 күн мурун
To  you all the  MSNBC news anchors and reporters, you are my voice. thank you for telling the truth. I came to America as a refugee over 30 years ago from a communist country, and I hate the dictatorship and authoritarian ideologies and I hate bad leaders. That's why I escaped the communist country. I feel very bad and sad for our America today to see what is happening in our country. Unfortunately, we have a racist president today. I am an immigrant and the U.S. citizen. I am proud to sing to our national anthem and pledge to our national flag and to serve our country and believe "in God we trust." However, I feel very hopeless and helpless because we have some bad leaders in America today. Thank you for listening.
Ash Bailey
Ash Bailey - 27 күн мурун
President Trump is draining the swamp thank God for Trump
Luv Provida
Luv Provida - Ай мурун
Trump has dementia & vocabulary of a 5 year old...That gizzard needs to be admitted to a psych ward & then throw away the keys!
Beverly Perry
Beverly Perry - Ай мурун
I truly think when he comes down to speak there should be no reporters to listen to his bs that what he deserves he disrespect people dail and he should get it back tell this fool he is wrong
Allard Freichmann
Allard Freichmann - Ай мурун
Lock down the Trump Corona disease.
Moonbeam 87
Moonbeam 87 - Ай мурун
Write In Joe Ryan
Deborah King
Deborah King - Ай мурун
America you've made a mistake when you put this maniac in office. Please do not hesitate to go to the polls and correct the problem. Vote him out quickly so those of us that are suffering because of him can live.
Mark Grevatt
Mark Grevatt - Ай мурун
You can clearly see that Donald Trump doesn't live by morals and principles and what I would say no values for the people of America, he doesn't have the right dignity or character to be president of the USA. When all he talks is lie after lie. Everything that comes out of his mouth is a load of nonsense . The guy should be removed from office. He doesn't act like how a president should be acting, Always insulting the journalists. Never really answers important questions that concern the whole country. And just washes over them with absolute ludicrous answers. Pls get the Clown removed from office.
I don't think he has a clue on how to deal with important issue on policy & discussions about politics. He is an embarrassment to the usa
Julie Forkes
Julie Forkes - Ай мурун
Settle down Joe.
You're getting way too beside yourself.
Celia Hoyte
Celia Hoyte - Ай мурун
Ameeican most lied false fake president the whole world is is watching this liar of a idiotic president speak daily on a podium lies and the Networks needs to stop showing him .For he is causing more harm than good and causing death from his stupid talk on chemicals . Ive blame Moscow Mitch and his sham trail to allowed this joker to remain because he wanted to push his corrupt judges they all want removing from office. The whole world is watching this clown fake president
Aisha Shah
Aisha Shah - Ай мурун
Joe is clearly angry and upset that Trump has put thousands of lives at risk by not taking the advise of scientists and his advisers. And rightly so, Trump is not fit to be president. He is an imbecile
Nathan Broggi
Nathan Broggi - Ай мурун
The power the church has in this world must be crushed all church leaders be in prison and let the God delusion die off
jd2616 - Ай мурун
So the senate asked why remove trump how much damage could he do in 8 months...Well try this to begin with...
Robin Curry
Robin Curry - Ай мурун
He looks at the man while he asks his question he has a big head
Robin Curry
Robin Curry - Ай мурун
I love Nika
Robin Curry
Robin Curry - Ай мурун
You had it right the first time lol
Robin Curry
Robin Curry - Ай мурун
I think this whole pandemic is by design..... intentional? Idk but I definitely think someone is behind this
Patricia Mcmillian
Patricia Mcmillian - Ай мурун
I wake up every morning hoping this nightmare is
over. So many, many in pertinent positions continue to let this man
keep killing with his lies, by talking, talking, talking. DO SOMETHING,
so many afraid of one
man?? SHUT UP, if NOTHING is going to be
done about it!! lm tired of hearing about it.
Camilo Ducay
Camilo Ducay - Ай мурун
You people is a very, very very big joke. Why is it that every time our President fire somebody employed in a government job but actually doing some unethical things that are not in the norm of conduct or working against his call of duty or conieving with somebody to do harm to his superior, most or all of you sounds an opposition, not just an opposition, but rather like a "mad opposition". Although some seemed to be over excited, but everyone is okey because the lines are almost the same. This made me believe that whoever has good presentation, gets more extra green algae from the swamp feeder, THE MEAN MAN.
libtopmodel - Ай мурун
camry1971 - Ай мурун
The reason Americans dying in tens of thousands is because Trump does not listen doctors and scientists.
Jesse Oglesby
Jesse Oglesby - Ай мурун
Trump's family, if they truly care about him needs to ask him to step down as President. He has the mentality of a twelve year old child
Usha Sanghavi
Usha Sanghavi - Ай мурун
Cheerleader ? You are not president ?why you didn’t see it
How you said it’s democratic hoax ?
Usha Sanghavi
Usha Sanghavi - Ай мурун
Delusional president and selfish people in corona task force. Who wants to praise this brainlessly child President and spineless republicans kissing bully’s feet . We have to vote them out in November
Racheal Silburn
Racheal Silburn - Ай мурун
If I do nothing else this November, I am voting!
HUGH MacFarlane
HUGH MacFarlane - Ай мурун
You Can hurt Trump. Make life hard for the Senators that support him. Cut the legs from underneath him.
Christopher Chalk
Christopher Chalk - Ай мурун
Trump is a mad man. He taunts the Press/Reporters and thrives on their response. Why not boycott his daily press conferences, this will annoy him no end! Wake up America, Trump is not only killing his own people but people all over the globe, inject him with disinfectant!
Kyle Jameus
Kyle Jameus - Ай мурун
Remember America you had the best scientists in dangerous virus ,working for America and Trump fired them all 2018
Because they were from the Obama Era ,to save thousands 😳 Corona virus has taken thousands of American people
FOZZ ROSS - Ай мурун
it has been established that this fake president is a moron, nothing is new, he is uneducated bullshitter so why the KKK still support this pumpkin head.
Alvin Learning
Alvin Learning - Ай мурун
We need a President, period
Den2r Sane
Den2r Sane - Ай мурун
Having such kind of individual as President of the United States.... too dangerous! Too dangerous!! Too dangerous!! His mentality is too dangerous for american people!
Wood Wood
Wood Wood - Ай мурун
Global 400,000 it will stop,,a dream .
Wood Wood
Wood Wood - Ай мурун
I had a dream that when it reach 400,000 world wide a while back that it would stop.
Haruhi Suzumiya
Haruhi Suzumiya - Ай мурун
Trump to trump
*you're fired!*
Haruhi Suzumiya
Haruhi Suzumiya - Ай мурун
Can you spell Corruption?
Charles Mshama
Charles Mshama - Ай мурун
A very exciting,entertaining and a store
house of information to deliver to the discerning public.
Jorgeoctavio11 Asodisen
Jorgeoctavio11 Asodisen - Ай мурун
If we talk about sick people, we usually refer them as patients. Is Trump president or a patient ?
Deborah Malaise
Deborah Malaise - Ай мурун
Trump is close to becoming another Hitler.
Daniel Galvan
Daniel Galvan - Ай мурун
Tim Alford
Tim Alford - Ай мурун
Love joe!
Richard Alexander
Richard Alexander - Ай мурун
I like presidents that don't drool.
Mila Vargas
Mila Vargas - Ай мурун
His greed and pride superceded any knowledge of how any virus (the cold,flu etc.) gets passed around. Like the fool that never fixes his leaky roof because "it's not raining now", he didnt take action because there weren't enough infected people yet, he waited until it was too late. Willful ignorance combined with his dreams of a second term and golf have caused at this time:
886,709 infections and 50,243 deaths.
He is a murderer, nothing less.
saffron wetter
saffron wetter - Ай мурун
The problem with president Trump..
Is you lying Demonrat's
nicholas verrechia
nicholas verrechia - Ай мурун
Fox News does not need a fact checker. Fox News needs to be indicted for leading thousands of Americans to their death.
James Simpson
James Simpson - Ай мурун
Rats leaving a sinking ship we have no leadership we need
Diane Gillespie
Diane Gillespie - Ай мурун
Joe, whenever I feel like ranting about Trump's ridiculousness and hideousness, I can always go to your page and let you rant for me. Good job!
Angela Flagg
Angela Flagg - Ай мурун
d r
d r - Ай мурун
MSNBC blows
For the true news story go to America's voice news and fox news
touchtoomuch1000 - Ай мурун
No, we need governors who report the deaths correctly. Counting people who died with a cough, pneumonia, stroke, heart attack etc., without even being tested or who had these pre-existing conditions and then tested positive, is not how the CDC wants these death certificates to be written. It's a little suspicious that the states with the highest death rates happen to be democratic states.
If you look at deaths for this year so far, we are 15% less than average for this time of year.
Andre Green
Andre Green - Ай мурун
Put a bullet in his ear and put the world out of its misery.
Stephentheobdurate Van Buskirk
Stephentheobdurate Van Buskirk - Ай мурун
Do you think the Pres. is capable of an honest and reasonable response, if he tried; or is he completely clueless? He can't even remember what he just said. Could he be the brain damage poster boy?
Candice Monique
Candice Monique - Ай мурун
Joe needs to be in the press room yelling this to Trumps face.
Vivian Wang
Vivian Wang - 17 күн мурун
Had he not quit congress he would be in a better position to be doing just that but his intern girlfriend was found dead in his office and he quit. You think he is a good guy? Lol
Jonah Ramos
Jonah Ramos - 21 күн мурун
Candice Monique all theses so called smart educated people need to speak up to the stupid man we call President,
joseph pelham
joseph pelham - 26 күн мурун
Who killed Joes intern ?
Toni Terrell
Toni Terrell - Ай мурун
I totally agree!!! 💯
Momo Vess
Momo Vess - Ай мурун
Pharoah (Trump), your kingdom WILL fall! We know your story!
Haruhi Suzumiya
Haruhi Suzumiya - Ай мурун
The cult of Trump
Dwight Webb
Dwight Webb - Ай мурун
No checks or balances inside the beltway since Obama gracefully one could know to what extent he would allow his criminal private side leak into the corners of institutions like FBI...CIA.....SC..Senate...the real question I have is why do people support a weak inexperienced person...supposed to be a figurehead here but he isn't playing along here bc he has an acute addiction with power....he has embarrassed himself numerous times so apparently doesnt faze him...I personally think he will make a juvenile move to be president for life.....
Kimberly Johnson
Kimberly Johnson - Ай мурун
don't see how #1 seemingly Racist / ignorant/irrational/deceptive/oblivious man became
the leader of the "land of the free and home of the brave" we had too
Many high Hope's in regards to this man.
Nevuah Gallery
Nevuah Gallery - Ай мурун
Donald Trump is only running for re-election to avoid a PRISON CELL!
John Hood
John Hood - Ай мурун
trump need to be lock-up with the quickness. I just can’t get over how trump look at Putin like he is Putin little boy.
Sam k
Sam k - Ай мурун