Is there ANY hope for game streaming? We tried them all.

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There are so many game streaming services popping up, with so many idiosyncrasies, that it’s hard to keep it all straight. In this video, James takes Linus through a tour testing GeForce Now, Google Stadia, Microsoft Project Xcloud, and Sony PlayStation Now to see which one makes the most sense...except we didn't try Shadow.
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Da$hLife - 8 саат мурун
who tf really looks for fps
Oussama Okbi
Oussama Okbi - 8 саат мурун
"It's the blacks that look the most different to me" Excuse me what? xD
Hunter Sheppard
Hunter Sheppard - 11 саат мурун
Is there any way to play warzone on a laptop using a streaming service?
Martin Parunakyan
Martin Parunakyan - 13 саат мурун
Moonlight, Parsec, Steam Link. I use them weekly anywhere I can get 10mbps and a 5GHz or direct connection and have time to kill.
GG Gamer
GG Gamer - 13 саат мурун
When you run on 1080- and now Linus is running on 720p

crazydm7th - 15 саат мурун
I would use shadowtech over any of these systems shown in this video.
Omoyele Richmond
Omoyele Richmond - 15 саат мурун
Am I the only one that doesn't care about graphics ?
Sayandip Dhali
Sayandip Dhali - 15 саат мурун
"I play Halo with a dualshock"

*Microsoft has left the chat*
Adrian lambert
Adrian lambert - 19 саат мурун
Xbox one is pointless as most all of those games are available on PC anyway. PS games mostly aren't!
eitsu_ - 19 саат мурун
Geforce now is pretty good I have 100mb/s and I play games competitevily and I dont have any problems
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi - 21 саат мурун
" We tried them All" Never mentioned or paperspace.
Ben W
Ben W - 23 саат мурун
Cause I’m Australia I already know none of these will work with 25mbs internet
IRMacGuyver - Күн мурун
Not only is playstation now from 2014 it's a rebranding of OnLive which first launched in 2010. Cause I guess Sony couldn't be bothered to do it themselves?
Ben Fullgrabe
Ben Fullgrabe - Күн мурун
All this really confirms is that Linus is TERRIBAD at gaming.
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi - 20 саат мурун
everyone has a perfect connection. If you think we're stupid enough to give them that kind of control. The hunger game mentality has to stop.
SaVii - Күн мурун
So screw social distancing?
subscribe to me or your ultra mega Gay
Has Linus heard of aiming?
zbirdzell - Күн мурун
You totally forgot about PS4 Remote play. Which is 1080p gaming at a higher refresh rate that you can play on Android or PC. It's like having Nvidia Gforce Now, but free and unlimited. Any game I buy I can play anywhere.
Nick Hyde
Nick Hyde - Күн мурун
I’ve been tempted to try out stadia, simply because I don’t have much of anything to play on in my tiny apartment, and I want to try Red Dead 2... but it worries me, I mean I’d be happy to play it on stadia, just to say that I played stadia, but google hasn’t exactly even reliable in the past, and I don’t want to buy something if it could seemingly get dropped at any moment.
Romain Rochas
Romain Rochas - Күн мурун
Welles tu forgot Shadow pc (Who is THE french cloud cumputing that ou need to have) check it
Yousef Alzanoon
Yousef Alzanoon - Күн мурун
I use geforce now and it sucks how the developers take off their games for no reason.
ΞProgenitorΞ - Күн мурун
Its shit.
its a gimmick
let it die.
flioink - Күн мурун
Yeah, let's make gamers pay for the games and not even have their copy in their house.
Let's charge them subscription fee to access their copy of a product on our platform.
Sounds fantastic, sign me right in for this scam - fuck off!
Santiago Vazquez
Santiago Vazquez - Күн мурун
No mention of Shadow? I'm in love with the service, streaming a whole windows PC where I can play my huge Steam library at high or ultra high settings :)
Costa Apostolou
Costa Apostolou - Күн мурун
social distance...
Dismal Canuck
Dismal Canuck - Күн мурун
Playstation now does have a pc app
Harris Bokhari
Harris Bokhari - Күн мурун
ok but can it run crysis
Action Walch
Action Walch - Күн мурун
Linus, why do you have to be a hunter main
Clayton Thomas
Clayton Thomas - Күн мурун
so wait, you can't use a playstation controller with PS Now on PC?
Zeek M
Zeek M - Күн мурун
There's no hope for game streaming because we're not about to let our game experience be controlled by evil greed corp.
They want us to pay them for doing that to us. They want to lock gaming up behind a licensing pay wall. All while spying on you for the NSA
Online gaming is a scam not an equal playing field for everyone at the network level. Not everyone has a perfect connection.
If you think we're stupid enough to give them that kind of control. The hunger game mentality has to stop.
Apropos Racer
Apropos Racer - Күн мурун
Destiny 2 is free. “Did we have to buy this? No it was included with the bundle” thank goodness for that game bundle.
Anthony Ciuffini
Anthony Ciuffini - Күн мурун
On a 1080p tv using Stadia with HDR off Destiny 2 actually looks really good and performs way better. Yes it's unfortunate Bungie couldn't get 4k 60 working. Whether that's Google's fault or Bungie I can't say.
Patrick Vargo
Patrick Vargo - Күн мурун
Bad review. How did you miss Shadow? That would be like a video where Car and Driver reviewed all car manufacturers and forgot Toyota. Shadow is by far the best game streaming service - it's essentially a VDI, so you can even sorta use it for other stuff. I forgot PlayStation Now even existed.
sam rowland
sam rowland - Күн мурун
1,000 Dislikes from people who believed the hype and thought they'd have an RTX 2080 in their front room for £100
---x- - Күн мурун
what about 5G? won't it make this possible
Miloš Vukadinović
Miloš Vukadinović - Күн мурун
Ξ Y T H Λ X - 2 күн мурун
shadow win
SpixlyTV - 2 күн мурун
If I could afford a nice new pc I’d be able to not use GeForce now
elPumaProductions - 2 күн мурун
Stadia also offers 4k and 5.1 surround audio in their pro subscription. Nvidia and PSNow tops at 1080p stereo.
elPumaProductions - 2 күн мурун
How about Shadow or Utomik?
Shadow seems promising. But it's a shame they're not expanding so fast
Noah Leitch
Noah Leitch - 2 күн мурун
stadia acts like when you turn vsync on in csgo or l4d2
Tony ???
Tony ??? - 2 күн мурун
He doesn't know about half the shit he talks about.
monika laosi
monika laosi - 2 күн мурун
signal tho, GeForce Now is a better option because it lowers the streaming quality to reduce tearing and decrease input lag
Andrew Gray
Andrew Gray - 2 күн мурун
No one ever mentions Parsec, but (with its own limitations) Parsec is exactly what it promises and what it claims to be.

It's literally renting time on a virtual machine that can stream as much video and audio as your connection will handle, at latencies tied directly to your average number of hops between your PC and the server your VM is running on.
I have no affiliation with them, and haven't used the service in a while. I mostly signed up for it out of curiosity.
Their graphics-streaming-capable VMs run on AWS or Paperspace servers at a datacenter as geographically (and internet-infrastructurally) close to you as possible. In Seattle, I had ping times between 15 and 35ms. A lot of games with pretty decent graphics are solidly playable, even considering that graphics latency is far more sensitive than data latency. When I'd be signed in, I'd have traceroutes of five or six hops -- but at least theoretically, it's possible to bring that as low as four -- your router, your ISP, the datacenter and the VM server.

What you get is a Windows virtual machine. Not a walled garden you have to pay extra to play games in. It's a windows VM. The environment comes with Steam already installed -- and you can sign into the Steam client with your own account. You can install software locally on your virtual drive. You can, and I did, install and run Dwarf Fortress. It was kinda cool to have a moderately- powerful VM running DF's world generation to make 1000-year histories.

Competitive shooters are probably not good on Parsec, or any game where maximum responsiveness is critical -- but that limitation is shared by everyone in the space.
The sickening part is that when Google announced Stadia, I assumed that it would be something like Parsec -- who, if anyone, can hit that theoretical four-hop goal? Hell, if this kind of thing caught on, Google could probably eliminate the ISP and bring it down to three hops.
How they managed to mess this up I can't even.
Yeah, Parsec won't do much for handhelds or for people who don't have high-bandwidth ultra-low-latency connections. But imagine the market forces pushing for low latency if something like a VM service were to catch on.
With parsec, I paid for actual use time -- plus a nominal storage fee between sessions. If I told it to wipe my virtual drive when I signed out, it had zero ongoing maintenance cost when I was not signed in.
The overall value prop at the time was just a tiny bit more than buying a gaming laptop every 18 months. Not a world-breaker by any stretch. But it or services like it deserve mention when talking about game streaming.
monika laosi
monika laosi - 2 күн мурун
I play GeForce Now on my Moto Z3 w/Moto controller mod via 4G all the time. You don't need a controller on GeForce now tho, because it has an on-screen controller option. I
Kevin Vilbig
Kevin Vilbig - 2 күн мурун
It is a bad idea from first principles.
nuB - 2 күн мурун
Destiny 2 is free.
Just do some dang latency, and video compression tests. That's where the sacrifice is with these services.
Kyle Leppard
Kyle Leppard - 2 күн мурун
project Xcloud is brilliant, i play on my tab s6 and it runs so smoothly and i love it
Chris Solis
Chris Solis - 2 күн мурун
SHadow PC is much better than any of these. Just saying..
TapNaporSnap - 2 күн мурун
SHADOW VM. #endrant
Curtis Larsen
Curtis Larsen - 2 күн мурун
James: "A Shield is the only way you can use GeForce NOW on a TV"
Riley: "Hold my Nintendo Switch"
Garry is Gay
Garry is Gay - Күн мурун
me: "hold my laptop connected to my tv via hdmi"
bilias hour
bilias hour - 2 күн мурун
bluetooth controllers. Normally bluetooth interference isn't such a big deal, but in this case it will render games unplayable.
Overseer76 - 2 күн мурун
Almost. You were ALMOST living the dream of playing Halo on an Apple device with a PlayStation controller!
literal doc
literal doc - 2 күн мурун
I wonder what the RGB range on the stadia is. Could possibly lead to no details in the blacks
GamE FrEak
GamE FrEak - 2 күн мурун
I really hope n pray Game streaming will never happen.
GamE FrEak
GamE FrEak - 2 күн мурун
@bilias hour I LOVE.Samurau Showdown. Bought it on SWITCH
bilias hour
bilias hour - 2 күн мурун
min 10, noobs they dont know how to pick up the sword in samurai shodown (they are too young, they never played the neo geo original game) nooooobbbsssss
Bonnie Slovaski
Bonnie Slovaski - 2 күн мурун
So Linus replace Luke with James after he got fat?
NyBSfP —
NyBSfP — - 2 күн мурун
When I was in HS (mid 90’s), most people had one system if at all and just a few PC games here or there. So you would mostly end up watching your friends play video games or taking turns chatting on AOL, Instant Messenger, random early website boards. And it was the worst. Absolutely boring AF. Nothing about the advancement of technology and reduced costs / increased access of it all would have led me to believe we’d not only end up back there, but that it would also turn into the trend. But here we are, a quarter of a century later, with Twitch, Twitter, etc... I will never understand.
Sangram Mukherjee
Sangram Mukherjee - 2 күн мурун
Okay google... Pick up my sword...😂😂
Jon Axford
Jon Axford - 2 күн мурун
One thing the Phil Spencer just talked about was making use of xCloud to trial games on GamePass, so you can see if you would enjoy the game before committing to downloading it, which I think is a great idea
Z. Murray
Z. Murray - 2 күн мурун
I play GeForce Now on my Moto Z3 w/Moto controller mod via 4G all the time.
You don't need a controller on GeForce now tho, because it has an on-screen controller option.
I also play Xbox Game streaming pretty regularly with the same setup, the input lag and video quality is usually better, as long as you have a really good signal. If you have poor signal tho, GeForce Now is a better option because it lowers the streaming quality to reduce tearing and decrease input lag
Leonardo Ribeiro de Almeida
Leonardo Ribeiro de Almeida - 2 күн мурун
I would love to see you trying Stadia on Chrome, using a keyboard and mouse.
Russell Gillan
Russell Gillan - 3 күн мурун
Definately give Shadow Tech a go, I've recently got my upgrade for 30 quid a month im getting 1TB SSD, RTX 2080 , 16GB ram and a 6 core CPU. I was needing to upgrade my PC but this is a better, cheaper alternative. and i can take it everywhere (even my crap work laptop!)
向天翊 - 3 күн мурун
It’s funny how Linus’s expectation goes down the more streaming services he tries.
Geforce NOW: “ *1080p with 60 fps, or 720p with 120fps* ”
Linus: “Nah no 720p” “Why can’t we use 4K” “They aren’t giving us that much graphics resources” “What is this anti-aliasing” “You see this latency though?”
Playstation NOW: “ *720p, 60fps and pc only* ”
Linus: “ *You know, it actually doesn’t look that bad* “
Moose - 3 күн мурун
I use steamlink to game when I am away from my rig. Playing smaller titles or the like on my mobile (like when I commute). I get the appeal for these services, but for me I'd say as an extension to how I game.
mybrainmelted - 3 күн мурун
...did he really just call haohmaru RYU? ....:\
Gergő Fábián
Gergő Fábián - 3 күн мурун
14:30 Or just plug your computer into your tv...
Time Gaming
Time Gaming - 3 күн мурун
You should not cut them some slack because everyone doesn't have good wifi streaming is manly good for people in good areas and or have paid extra for better connection and you also need to pay extra for games
Cancer Stick
Cancer Stick - 3 күн мурун
the only reason i dont want these services to take over the market is because i like having hardware and building my pc's lol
Harry Meyer
Harry Meyer - 3 күн мурун
What about Shadow PC??
Emanuele Bignone
Emanuele Bignone - 3 күн мурун
min 10, noobs they dont know how to pick up the sword in samurai shodown (they are too young, they never played the neo geo original game) nooooobbbsssss
Adam Selene
Adam Selene - 3 күн мурун
Why do people get used to paying more and getting less?
Adam Selene
Adam Selene - 2 күн мурун
@joemck85 I am not against streaming in itself, for gaming, video, audio, VR, or whatever else. But the price should reflect what you get. Prices should be lowered to reflect compromises to make services good values. For example, if you have to choose just one video streaming service, choose the one that gives you the most of what you want to watch for the lowest price.
joemck85 - 2 күн мурун
While I agree with the sentiment, I can also see using a service like these if I didn't want to spend even more all at once to buy a decent gaming PC or console. Or even if I did, but also wanted to play my games on the go using a phone or cheap lightweight laptop.
Ken STACKS - 3 күн мурун
10:12 ...did he say Riyuu? Like how they mentioned it in the Street FIghter movie?
Patrick Seitz BlackyRay
Patrick Seitz BlackyRay - 3 күн мурун
this video comes a bit late. GFN is already sold out. There is only a free tier left....
Did you guys start gaming mode on your TV? Because it doesnt look so.
Good one!
Good one! - 3 күн мурун
How about you test it on "normal people" internet 😐
jazzmickge1 - 3 күн мурун
I don't think its a fair real world test based on LMG internet bandwidth. They should do the test again at their home on a normal domestic connection to really see if it's still functional. And also to see if bandwidth creates more graphics distortion or even lag and drop-outs.
monika laosi
monika laosi - 3 күн мурун
Its like gaming in 2010
Chris Santana
Chris Santana - 3 күн мурун
Xx'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. x cloud and that's what I have to say about the subject
monika laosi
monika laosi - 3 күн мурун
it's so adorable. James is like a son explaining tech to his dad hahaha
PatrykMCMania - 3 күн мурун
wait playstation 1 controllers are Bluetooth hahahhahahahh ohhh linus u goof ball :P
Johnathan Dearnaley
Johnathan Dearnaley - 3 күн мурун
The only way for #lienus to play games on a system he is capable of setting up is Stadia. Don't @ me.
Comedy Xd
Comedy Xd - 3 күн мурун
MrAdam802 - 3 күн мурун
Xcloud is best of all.
immortal green
immortal green - 3 күн мурун
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praetorxyn - 3 күн мурун
I don't think doing this from an office with a (probably prioritized) 1+ Gigabit connection is fair.
That being said, if you ask me, for any "Netflix of gaming" to have any sort of chance at taking off, it needs to behave like Netflix does, where you don't have to buy any movies or games and just pay a monthly fee to stream them. Most of these services require you to buy the game on top of that monthly subscription fee; if you're gonna buy the game just save up for the hardware to run it on locally and you'll have a lot less problems.
Adrian Cristian Toma
Adrian Cristian Toma - 3 күн мурун
About Shadow? Nothing?