Halsey - You should be sad (Lyric Video)

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Music video by Halsey performing You should be sad (Lyric Video). © 2020 Capitol Records, LLC
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Orla Mcnamara
Orla Mcnamara - 2 күн мурун
Love hasles songs like best ever
鮫好きの竹士 古生物エンジョイ竹士
Hipatía Gabriela Micaela Duran Villafan
I love this song
محمد فضل
محمد فضل - 8 күн мурун
It's better than the original video, no porn
Wolfiegaming 2020
Wolfiegaming 2020 - 8 күн мурун
You are my #1 idol and I’ve been wanting to sing like you, can you teach me please
Yori San
Yori San - 9 күн мурун
Love you halsey
Shivam Maharshi
Shivam Maharshi - 9 күн мурун
*E V E R Y E X E V E R*
Flopsy - 12 күн мурун
Way better music video than the official one
Marike van den Berg
Marike van den Berg - 13 күн мурун
I am not sure if the illustrations or the words are more accurate in terms of what I lived through...something made me click one song and I'm glad I did
Pedro Drumond
Pedro Drumond - 14 күн мурун
The red dead redemption 2 trailer looks different
Braydo Pain Train
Braydo Pain Train - 17 күн мурун
i think i love you. lol
you are a true artists
Nokaitto The Poet
Nokaitto The Poet - 21 күн мурун
I never regret loving you since I heard Coming Down. Since 2016, you will always be the personification of strength.
Daniel insuasty
Daniel insuasty - 22 күн мурун
I lovee this songgg
Lilia Ramos
Lilia Ramos - 26 күн мурун
she sings this so good at the manic world tour
Ming Leong
Ming Leong - 27 күн мурун
xxxtentacionxxx: SAD
Halsey: you should be sad
Dominik Osiak
Dominik Osiak - 27 күн мурун
sakshi mishra
sakshi mishra - 27 күн мурун
My best friend since the first grade just had her heart broken by a guy like this......I sent this song to her....I really love this song💓
lila 123456789
lila 123456789 - 28 күн мурун
Ignore this comment as this is a personsl msg for someone
For the woman
If its just your "friend" , then thsts just fine.
Your "friend" wants us to be sad...because their lives are so sad... I understand...technology is their only hope
Ricardo Fontes
Ricardo Fontes - 28 күн мурун
Sam tou.ok treman
Naina Banerjee
Naina Banerjee - Ай мурун
At this point in life this song speaks to me alot about my abusive ex who tried to come back for 2nd time. I tried to help him the first time yeah
Snaked - Ай мурун
Love the songs vocals , halsey's voice is just mesmerizing , thought of making some future house song with some desi vibes - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLPgwSY946A
andrew booth
andrew booth - Ай мурун
Good song just a bit of a man hatred song .....
Rheanne Fleming Fergusson
Rheanne Fleming Fergusson - Ай мурун
You're music helps my mental health illness this song is my favourite song as it's like my realationship I love you Halsey expecaly you're songs 💖💖💯💯😘😘
ME HOWK - Ай мурун
When I hear this song i remember Arthur morgan in red dead redemption 2 :(
América Garcia Bukoswi
América Garcia Bukoswi - Ай мурун
I Love this great song thanks for share Halsey Likeeeee Likeeeee Likeeeee Likeeeee Likeeeee Likeeeee Likeeeee
JENNA - Ай мурун
*Director:* riiiight, so how hot 🔥 should the video be like?
*Halsey* Y.E.S.! 
*ME:* Damn, should I be sad now? Whatever, let's do a Cover on that one 💙
R O C H U S - Ай мурун
well done girl!
Liane Regis Lins
Liane Regis Lins - Ай мурун
Still be friends Ok ?
Anya Warrior
Anya Warrior - Ай мурун
You see... This song reminds me of the person that suicide-baited me. Joshua seemed really nice, but... Ugh, he's an asshole. It basically describes him. But it reminds me of when our friendship was GENUINE... I kinda just wanna cry now. Thanks, Ashley, I needed this. Oh, I still hate him with a passion, it just makes me upset that he was once an actual human being.
Hunter Hurst
Hunter Hurst - Ай мурун


no one:
Halsey: *Halsey has changed skin to: Cowboy*
me: aw come on that skin's trash
Chester Didzena
Chester Didzena - Ай мурун
Dont like me wasted
Rose Mary
Rose Mary - Ай мурун
Wow, beautiful!!❤️
Eric Blechinger
Eric Blechinger - Ай мурун
Just saw this Halsey....wow!!!! I will explore you're music. Big impression so far! Awesome.
Michael Grace
Michael Grace - Ай мурун
I love this is it based on a real life story?
Amara Beatrice
Amara Beatrice - Ай мурун
Yes, g-eazy
Katy Chan
Katy Chan - Ай мурун
love this song enough to make a remix and then put it on Youtube
Irish Cream
Irish Cream - Ай мурун
This song, man, like every single word, describes the relationship I just left. I even moved 600+ miles to make sure he could never touch me again! #HalseyGetsIt 💜💪👑
Tash Eep12
Tash Eep12 - Ай мурун
I bet anyone who liked Experiment On Me would like to hear a pop punk version of this song.
The Groovy Guitar Dude
The Groovy Guitar Dude - Ай мурун
For anyone who wants to play this on guitar, here's how :)

- Standard Tuning - Capo 2nd Fret -

- Picking Pattern That Repeats Through The ENTIRE Song -
E| 1 0
A|00 3
G| 2 2 2 0 0 0 0
B| 310 1 1 1 3 0 1

*Repeat this for the WHOLE SONG*

Hope this helps you out! If you get stuck or need a little extra help, I just posted a video tutorial for this with some extra tips on my channel :)
Kiley Brevik
Kiley Brevik - Ай мурун
30th time playing this song
Art Theater
Art Theater - Ай мурун
Still be friends 😅🙈🔥
Sue Su
Sue Su - Ай мурун
That’s why I love Halsey
She always writes her story
Jeremy Parker
Jeremy Parker - Ай мурун
My ex boyfriend cheated on me two days before my birthday with a girl that he later found out was his second cousin. He blamed me for the cheating because we were long distance and he wanted a "physical relationship". I stayed friends with him for a year and he constantly told me that I was unstable and incapable of being in a loving relationship with anyone because of my anxiety and problems with empathy/ processing emotions. I finally stood up to him a few days after this past Halloween and I cut him out of my life completely. He always made fun of my interests and always shamed me for having trouble with relationships. This song is so empowering for me and the country aesthetic just adds to the personal meaning for me (my ex was from the south and had a thick southern accent). I'm so happy to be starting 2020 without him
Cathleena - Ай мурун
As someone who suffers from depression and bad social anxiety I just wanna tell you that you will find someone that loves you right one day After I left my ex, after countless raping, being bullied and almost getting hit by him, I focused on myself and then found the love of my life Just never give up, I send u so much fucking strength 💞 your anxiety doesn't define you And I hope your ex is roasting in hell 💪
Sisi - 2 ай мурун
this song makes me calm and angry at the same time 💜💜
[All About Guitar] 엠관 MKwan
[All About Guitar] 엠관 MKwan - 2 ай мурун
AND played by Fingerstyle Guitar with Tabs
Emily Clarke
Emily Clarke - 2 ай мурун
It's like your inside my head with these lyrics about my ex
oscar t
oscar t - 2 ай мурун
beautiful artwork by dessie jackson, https://www.instagram.com/dessiejackson/
29_Satyagraha Halim Widiatmojo
29_Satyagraha Halim Widiatmojo - 2 ай мурун
You should fill the hole with ramen :v
Joy Katherine
Joy Katherine - 2 ай мурун
she is so plugged in.
harvey rq.
harvey rq. - 2 ай мурун
still stream this beautiful song!
Monika - 2 ай мурун
Cannot wait for my signed vinyl to arrive
Annalise Angel
Annalise Angel - 2 ай мурун
Such a good song! So many women can relate 👌🏻
소년단방탄 - 2 ай мурун
I love
Aya Aly
Aya Aly - 2 ай мурун
Süeda Akbas
Süeda Akbas - 2 ай мурун
Anyone else amazed from this piece of art and focused on the clip throughout? Because same
Razvan Tataru
Razvan Tataru - 2 ай мурун
She takes 🤠 onto another level
J L - 2 ай мурун
Love this so much. Been on repeat most of the day... Done. Some people never learn even after you tell them what not to do. Mofo's just keep hurting a woman even after you tell them what you need. Doesn't matter anymore, but I treat you the way you treated me & then go & try & make me jealous isn't warranted, especially after he knows what I've been through... Nothing & I mean nothing can make up for this. There's no coming back from this one. You think you're clever, but you not learning is what I'm leaving. You should have figured that out. But you didn't after 3 yrs. This is not like any of the other times. No apology will ever fix this, ever.
Rose L.
Rose L. - 2 ай мурун
Going through a breakup, this song I can relate to so much especially since when I was with my ex I had a pregnancy scare and he cheated as well.
zendayaa bae
zendayaa bae - 2 ай мурун
wait but when she say "that you would never ever touch me again" does she mean he hit her or ?
Dadousha im
Dadousha im - 2 ай мурун
zendayaa bae oh... didn’t thought about that
Susan Vergara
Susan Vergara - 2 ай мурун
Dedicated to my ex husband. Thank God we never had a child.
Cessna 1700
Cessna 1700 - 2 ай мурун
I like both melody, lyrics, and this video.
lev78els - 2 ай мурун
halsey words hurt much
Wanda Maximoff
Wanda Maximoff - 2 ай мурун
Can we take a moment to appreciate the lyric video, it's really nice
Momo Moron
Momo Moron - 2 ай мурун
andien n
andien n - 2 ай мурун
I'm in love with her voice
Mochala Tae
Mochala Tae - 2 ай мурун
This reminds me of someone..
WhoStoleMyFries - 2 ай мурун
The artwork on this new album is so good. Loving all of them.
Gio Aprile
Gio Aprile - 2 ай мурун
I just put up an acoustic cover of this song, and it would mean the absolute world if anyone would go listen to it. 😭😭❤️❤️
This is Patrick
This is Patrick - 2 ай мурун
Who was she in a relationship with
•matthias• •van•der•veen•
Im not sad cous the Light is coming and its taken me to heaven.
Sajeel Haider
Sajeel Haider - 2 ай мурун
subscribe to BlehJeel
aine parreno
aine parreno - 2 ай мурун
Thank you for this song..this song made me realize that it's not worth crying over my ex..
Fer Naranjo
Fer Naranjo - 2 ай мурун
Te amo
snugglepot cuddlepie
snugglepot cuddlepie - 2 ай мурун
someone reccomended this song to me and i listened and laughed.....seems the small boy had his feels hurt
Leslie Lopez
Leslie Lopez - 2 ай мурун
This is hilarious. People really be thinking this is deep
evelin Ormachea
evelin Ormachea - 2 ай мурун
Me encanta!!!!
Rahul Vadakanz
Rahul Vadakanz - 2 ай мурун
Sam - 2 ай мурун
Hahaha jokes on you, I'm already sad before this song
Yuna’s Fanboy
Yuna’s Fanboy - 2 ай мурун
If you dont like this song,

You should be sad :(
Yuna’s Fanboy
Yuna’s Fanboy - 2 ай мурун
I can’t stop listening to her songs, it’s so addicting😭😍
Srank Pane
Srank Pane - 2 ай мурун
This guy she is singing about probably was nice and loving in the past but got fucked over by a girl he truly loved and now he loves drugs money and cars far more than any woman, what goes around comes around, girls create there own monsters, yes it is so sad
Leina Oinam
Leina Oinam - 2 ай мурун
I wanna know what made her write this song? 🤔
Adri Idrena
Adri Idrena - 2 ай мурун
The so called “Cowboy orgy,” made me a bit uncomfortable so this helps me listen to the song and enjoy it.