Halsey - The Prologue: Halsey's hopeless fountain kingdom (Vevo Presents)

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The Prologue: Halsey's hopeless fountain kingdom (Vevo Presents). 2017
On Thursday, June 1, at the MacArthur in L.A., Halsey gave the first full performance of the songs from her new album ‘hopeless fountain kingdom’ at our Vevo Presents show. A fearless stage performer, she brought all the roiling emotions of her latest work to the foreground; both artist and audience connected deeply. Several of the tunes were inspired by a “prolonged breakup” Halsey went through (as well as being artistically influenced by Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Romeo + Juliet’) and their dramatic impact was front and center. “‘BADLANDS was about my relationship with myself,” she says. “‘hopeless fountain kingdom’ is about me fighting to get back to that relationship with myself.”

As you see in this Prologue profile, the singer has a deep, ongoing rapport with her listeners. She often speaks about the “sense of community” they bring to her world, and she fully enjoys interacting with them. “The reason that they care about me so much is simply because I care about them so much, too.”

The performances from Vevo Presents Halsey go live on Monday, June 5 at 3 pm ET on Vevo.com.
Listen to Halsey's 'hopeless fountain kingdom': www.vevo.com/watch/playlist/015c698b-4959-2a20-0c2a-d8dd6c0620da
Watch Halsey on Vevo: www.vevo.com/artist/halsey
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Tessa Bublick
Tessa Bublick - 2 ай мурун
of course she remembers every single kid shes met
Polly Needham
Polly Needham - 3 ай мурун
the art she creates 🥺🥺
she puts so much effort into her art and her music and her shows . the envelopes , when she meets her fans, i love her *so much* . her ideas are constantly changing , she’s constantly evolving, she’s one of the few pop artists i’m so mesmerised by. 🥺🥺
Angxl xo
Angxl xo - 4 ай мурун
Halsey grew so much
María Alejandra Morales A.
María Alejandra Morales A. - 9 ай мурун
Diva Srivastava
Diva Srivastava - 9 ай мурун
Why do I see 2 Halseys at 0:31
O.G_Mekus - 10 ай мурун
How can u not love halsey
A F - 10 ай мурун
She’s a girl with a big heart ❤️
ASHLEY KookieTwinFlame
ASHLEY KookieTwinFlame - 11 ай мурун
Halsey you are completely understood. 💗💋
Toni Serra
Toni Serra - Жыл мурун
talk about a truly amazing person. The love I have for this woman
• Luna Eclipse •
• Luna Eclipse • - Жыл мурун
I did *_NOT_* expect her talking voice to sound so different! I thought she’d have more of a raspier voice! Still sounds hot asf though 😍
Cristina mc
Cristina mc - Жыл мурун
It's like I'm in love with her
Jeannie Garcia
Jeannie Garcia - Жыл мурун
OMG!!! 😭 The way she goes to that girl and tells her over and over I remember you 3 years ago! She Is REAL. I relate to her because my mind goes off on like another version of what happens to me in real life.
Laiba Imran
Laiba Imran - Жыл мурун
Real chills in my spine.
Laiba Imran
Laiba Imran - Жыл мурун
The background music gave me real chills.
Laiba Imran
Laiba Imran - Жыл мурун
I literally cried at one point in this video.
Aimen Kazmi
Aimen Kazmi - 2 жыл мурун
What if that whole concept and album became a movie?!?! I would go see it!😆But for real, I love you with all my heart, Halsey❤️❤️
Emma - 2 жыл мурун
I love her so much😭😭❤
Victoria Bednarz
Victoria Bednarz - 2 жыл мурун
I love her so much
Erica guen Dela cruz
Erica guen Dela cruz - 2 жыл мурун
I love you halsey
Martina Cornaglia
Martina Cornaglia - 2 жыл мурун
2:00 made me fall in love with Halsey more than I already was
Rosie Simpson
Rosie Simpson - 2 жыл мурун
so many feels
Kiara Danielle
Kiara Danielle - 2 жыл мурун
she’s such a sweetheart “of course i remember you it was 3 years ago”. Such a beautiful soul i thank god for her.
Jewelia Evans
Jewelia Evans - 2 жыл мурун
I hate commercials.
Brooklyn Learned
Brooklyn Learned - 2 жыл мурун
Ash...." My " reasons" " have made me out if loop on alot...and so I just now got introduced to u,by a fellow bi lady pal ...and I freaking LOVE you dude.... seriously....I believe you come from the same place I come from and I longingly await meeting u again....you add to my motivation to be fruitful and multiply even as I eat apples bananas bust grapes breathe the leafs know truth in god god in me as me devil in all even from God as well and I am blessed to drink bathe drown walk across ur fountains substance....after Badlands...now this art.... brilliant... super duper cool bitch fo real...muse is smiling ash...whoa and wow and dang gurll ha wtf omg u r ....well I bow before my HP give glory to the universe to know that from ur fountain in ur world u will fly and sing in a tree that truly is above the clouds not a super here but a super star falling up back into the new heavens....I love you Ashley.until we meet again.. namaste
Bitter Salty
Bitter Salty - 2 жыл мурун
She's so down to earth I WANT to meet her
ChawChaw Shumawa MinNaing
ChawChaw Shumawa MinNaing - 2 жыл мурун
evelynn - 2 жыл мурун
This is one of the reasons I absolutely love and adore Halsey. She obviously cares deeply about her fans, I mean she even remembered that girl that was siting on a bench and said "Of course I remember you!"
lily - 2 жыл мурун
Lilly Clarke
Lilly Clarke - 2 жыл мурун
OMG! I'M A HUGE FAN!!!!!!! I've listened to all of your songs over and over, album by album. I can really relate to your past and my self growing up. I can also relate to most of your songs. I LOVE HOPELESS FOUNTAIN KINGDOM, BADLANDS, and ROOM 93. I've watched so many vevo presents ,vevo lift, and other live videos of you on tour for Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. And I looked on your tour list and I heard you say in a video that you love to visit new places and Virginia is a place I don't think you ever been for a show. What i'm trying to say is that I know there's LOTS of fans near Virginia and in it , so maybe on a tour in the future or something you can visit Virginia for a show. But I know theres still a WHOLE BUNCH of other places to be . And I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to meet you one day ! You inspire so many people including me ! Keep writing up those #1 Albums in America !!!! 😁😁😁😍
Vristal Ela
Vristal Ela - 2 жыл мурун
Please invest in a better band.
Hoda Ezzat
Hoda Ezzat - 2 жыл мурун
I';s so sweet how she was telling that fan she remembers her from 3 freaking years, I love her interactions with her fans wow
Hmk Zjm
Hmk Zjm - 2 жыл мурун
Love you till the end Halsey 😭
M - 2 жыл мурун
Ashley is the most impressive, beautiful and lovely woman I have ever seen in my life. She really is wonderful😍
Aden - 2 жыл мурун
She is so nice
c b
c b - 2 жыл мурун
I trust you Halsey. I have never known a woman so honest and raw and I love that about you. You are a legit human and I am blessed to share this planet with you at this exciting time in you career. ❤️
Jennifer Brown
Jennifer Brown - 2 жыл мурун
Who else got goose bumps ? It feels like I'm right there
Elisa Cremona
Elisa Cremona - 2 жыл мурун
Knowing that she remembers her fans and that she cares makes me so so happy
FoetusInYourNoodles - 2 жыл мурун
Feminism is cancer.
Tayler Garbe
Tayler Garbe - 2 жыл мурун
We love you Halsey 🖤 can't wait to see you in November
møønlıght käy
møønlıght käy - 2 жыл мурун
ugh, i love this woman so much
TenjoTengeCT - 2 жыл мурун
Halsey please come to Perú!! I would LOVE to see you perform, i think i would die if i ever hear you live ❤️
Mariam Bahaa
Mariam Bahaa - 2 жыл мурун
probably watching this for the millionth time i love you ash♡
Sofia Arévalo
Sofia Arévalo - 2 жыл мурун
She is so perfect😍😍😍😍😍
Alice Silva
Alice Silva - 2 жыл мурун
Donna Valenzuela
Donna Valenzuela - 2 жыл мурун
but love when will i ever see you. when will you come to manila? i'm sobbing
Devyn Chubon
Devyn Chubon - 2 жыл мурун
"I hope my fans still trust me. And love me. And understand me. Because I think my biggest fear it being misunderstood."
Bless her soul she is beautiful inside and out.❤️
Haidee Gonzalez
Haidee Gonzalez - 2 жыл мурун
Sending them to fans houses? How do they know where to send them?
Joana Gomes
Joana Gomes - 2 жыл мурун
You're so talented !! I'm so glad you're doing what you love and following your dreams ! You're gifted and your progress is wonderful. Never forget the amazing woman you are! This new album is fucking amazing! You are my inspiration, love you so much ❤
Kms Kys
Kms Kys - 2 жыл мурун
Cat Kingh
Cat Kingh - 2 жыл мурун
" i think my biggest fear is being misunderstood." same gal same!
Zafira Prado
Zafira Prado - 2 жыл мурун
A fucking angel sent from above.
Anastasia Hunderson
Anastasia Hunderson - 2 жыл мурун
Kyle Mercado
Kyle Mercado - 2 жыл мурун
Trouble clear length pgtvido reality helpful fiber credibility.
Vrushali Savalia
Vrushali Savalia - 2 жыл мурун
I love you Halsey!!! 💖 This Album literally gives me life and it makes me feel like i'm in a completely different world.
Bruna - 2 жыл мурун
I just adore you
antonia dlaka
antonia dlaka - 2 жыл мурун
I cried...
sasha koenig
sasha koenig - 2 жыл мурун
Well it's official, I'm going to cry and Halsey is my favorite artist now
EZ Lyrix
EZ Lyrix - 2 жыл мурун
So glad fame didn't affect you in a bad way,Instead you became more loving to your fans..That's pretty rare these days with all these autotune using arrogant bitches around... Stay That way.. :)
Shah Alam
Shah Alam - 2 жыл мурун
I have a question halsey please answer it 🙏🙏 did do any voice acting in the the anime cartoon B gata H kei you sound just like the girl in the anime really please answer 😍😍🙏🙏🙏
jocelyn - 2 жыл мурун
døbby - 2 жыл мурун
is there somewhere (room 93 wibe
SophiaLevie - 2 жыл мурун
She's so cute
ً madison
ً madison - 2 жыл мурун
this bitch watch too much romeo and juliet
MJ De Beer
MJ De Beer - 2 жыл мурун
Mag die vader ons red van die poes-kultuur.
Saviana Vlogs
Saviana Vlogs - 2 жыл мурун
At 0:25
Saviana Vlogs
Saviana Vlogs - 2 жыл мурун
At 0:025
Saviana Vlogs
Saviana Vlogs - 2 жыл мурун
my aunt is in this love you
Hannah Marie
Hannah Marie - 2 жыл мурун
she's the most normal celeb ever. her love for us is amazing
Fern - 2 жыл мурун
She's so humble ❤️
Fp. Larasati
Fp. Larasati - 2 жыл мурун
Tessa Rose
Tessa Rose - 2 жыл мурун
omg it's my dream to meet you someday i love you
Kissa Nicholas-Whitt
Kissa Nicholas-Whitt - 2 жыл мурун
Zuzaa - 2 жыл мурун
Fra Giallo
Fra Giallo - 2 жыл мурун
I really love this album, but I prefered Badlands
scorpz - 2 жыл мурун
moon horizon
moon horizon - 2 жыл мурун
hümeyra - 2 жыл мурун
the hijabi girl made me so happy ❤
hümeyra - 2 жыл мурун
the aesthetic is so strong
Manoela Micuanski
Manoela Micuanski - 2 жыл мурун
Ava Della Cece
Ava Della Cece - 2 жыл мурун
She's so amazing 😍