Hairdresser Reacts: Blonde To Green Hair Transformations

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Hi Beautiful! Today we dive into the beautiful world of green hair. Few are brave enough to rock the green hair but when they do it definitely pays off!

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Video Editing By: Kris Edrosa

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Brad Mondo
Brad Mondo - 9 күн мурун
I think green is gonna be the hair color of 2020
Savy - 10 саат мурун
You would look like the best joker brad
DiePenutButter - 10 саат мурун
Really? I just dye my hair just to look like deku
radziahradzi - 11 саат мурун
I did yester!
Kaci Smith
Kaci Smith - 11 саат мурун
Brad I want you to do my hair. So. Bad. Where are you! Lol I will fly in a plane to you one day just so you can do my hair! I love you beautiful!
roly polyz R kool
roly polyz R kool - 22 саат мурун
Alexis Robinson urs looks so good ! !
Crissy Amethyst
Crissy Amethyst - 7 саат мурун
YAS the review at the end when you figured out why everyones hair was turning blue!! The ground literally shook when I made that discovery as well loool
Selodarling - 7 саат мурун
Me sitting thinking that Brad watched BN and understood the joke
Mday2107 - 8 саат мурун
That second hair 😍🤤
Wilky_ Waves
Wilky_ Waves - 8 саат мурун
I could not wait for Brad to see Stella’s end result 🔥
Eve - 8 саат мурун
I had green in my hair for 2 years till I bleached and dyed my whole head of hair green in August of 2019.
Got triggered and now I'm doing different colors cause everyone else dyed their hair green 😂
Aleecia Gonzales
Aleecia Gonzales - 8 саат мурун
Me watching Brad Mondo since 2016: I NEED him to dye my hair green
Me watching this video: I NEED him to dye my hair green!!
Crissy Amethyst
Crissy Amethyst - 9 саат мурун
Artic Fox Phantom Green turned my hair blue every time. So annoying. I FINALLY found a green that WORKS!! Good Dye Young - Kowabunga. It actually comes out green and beautiful!
BeautyTips - 10 саат мурун
Stella is awesome ❤️
Chamya Provo
Chamya Provo - 10 саат мурун
Brad: “those are love punches”

Literally no one:

Me: “is that what Chris brown said to Rihanna”
morageorgina - 11 саат мурун
Hey brad I know you probably will never see this comment but I have dirty blond hair and I’ve been wanting to dye it black i have blue eyes and I’m really pale and i was just wandering if black could ever look good on me
radziahradzi - 11 саат мурун
Omg i just did green hair yesterday, but I wanted emerald, it turns out like moss green-ashy green 😔
Akio Kuro
Akio Kuro - 11 саат мурун
I was drunk af on my birthday a few years ago and I accidentally made my hair moss green. So I wanted blue hair but forgot to get bleach and my dumbass thought that it would be okay to put blonde hair dye first and then the blue.
But at least the green looked amazing on me haha...
Kaitlyn Beard
Kaitlyn Beard - 11 саат мурун
Brad: she looks so hot
Me: omggg she’s hot!!
Alexis - 11 саат мурун
Brad: “you look stunning”
Me sitting in pajamas covered in spit up and baby drool with hair that hasn’t been washed in 3 days: thank you omg
izzy panda
izzy panda - 12 саат мурун
I have the arctic fox green that the first girl did and it faded to a blue color! It’s deff a heavy blue based green but I love it so much whenever I touch it up !
Genesis C.
Genesis C. - 12 саат мурун
Me: it doesn’t look that bad
Brad: it’s awful
Also me: disgusting
Janay Martinez
Janay Martinez - 12 саат мурун
Wish u could do my hair
stephen francis
stephen francis - 12 саат мурун
My hair did the same thing because my ends were more porous than the rest of my hair which rejected the yellow but clung to the blue that makes up the green.
Ali JC
Ali JC - 13 саат мурун
How much do I love brad mondo? I can't even see green (colourblind) but yet here we are 😂😂
Lillian Black
Lillian Black - 13 саат мурун
Artic fox is really hydrating for hair and it also shows up on dark hair a lot without having to use bleach.
Tricky RedCrow
Tricky RedCrow - 14 саат мурун
First girl typed out “I just wanted to be Midoriya” and I felt that.
Black and green hair is hard to get.
TheDarkPages - 14 саат мурун
I’ve been using Arctic Fox Phantom Green for 3 years now. I sometimes mix it with some Poseidon, which is dark blue. It’s always worked great for me!
Jinka Vinck
Jinka Vinck - 14 саат мурун
I just ordered some hair dye right before I watched this video, and guess what color? what in the hell is the coincidence?
Megan suchowski
Megan suchowski - 15 саат мурун
I love that Brad brings 90's boy band "the bad boy" vibes
Milla Jensen
Milla Jensen - 15 саат мурун
i just dyed my hair emerald green last night
Carolyn Bentley
Carolyn Bentley - 16 саат мурун
Green is my favorite color but it washes me out 😭
Martina Anri
Martina Anri - 16 саат мурун
You are the inspiration I need in my life!!! ❤❤
Kyrsten P
Kyrsten P - 17 саат мурун
Brad: You look wonderful, amazing beautiful
Me: laying in bed looking like a hot mess eating hot Cheetos
Zanele Valverde
Zanele Valverde - 17 саат мурун
The second girl's looks like northern lights, I'm-
Hair inspo for sure, I've been wanting to dye my hair green so maybe 2020 is green's year lol
Krystal Burr
Krystal Burr - 18 саат мурун
So I think her ends turned blue because most likely the stylist she used an ash based toner to attempt to cancel (and fail) the yellow in her hair. It probably had a blue base and when she put the green direct dye on there that has some blue pigment in it, it grabbed it since it was so porous and looks predominantly blue because of it. 💙
Abigail Johnson
Abigail Johnson - 18 саат мурун
I’ve never had good luck with Arctic Fox. People kept recommending it to me and I’ve tried so many of their colors. None of them worked well for me.
Plot Bunny Productions
Plot Bunny Productions - 18 саат мурун
You know, with the constant blue and green mash up, I wouldn't call it green. I would call it peacock.
Анастасия Далик
Анастасия Далик - 18 саат мурун
now that I watched this video, I want some green hair :D does anyone know if green will show up on natural red hair without lightening it up?
Kayla Dinero
Kayla Dinero - 19 саат мурун
The second girl is soooo pretty 😭
Kayla Dinero
Kayla Dinero - 19 саат мурун
Emerald is a mix of blue and green
Kayla Dinero
Kayla Dinero - 19 саат мурун
She used emerald. Since her ends were lighter it picked up more on the blue than the green
Milch Bar
Milch Bar - 19 саат мурун
I’m not the only one whose favourite colour is green, right? 😍💚🍀
Sabera - 20 саат мурун
Why is she adding conditioner! Artic Fox is a conditioner! Jesys it's supposed to deep condition depositing the color
JustJump - 20 саат мурун
What we get excited about: Going on holiday, getting a new pet, etc...
What Brad gets excited about: HAIRR!!!
Vahlera Marie
Vahlera Marie - 20 саат мурун
I want someone to love me as much as Brad loves green hair color
moonlightshadow - 21 саат мурун
we need some love for green hairrrr
Cori C
Cori C - 22 саат мурун
Brad's skin looks exceptionally good in this video
Isa - 23 саат мурун
Please do to PURPLE hair transformations
Sia A
Sia A - Күн мурун
@stellacini ♥️
fleetwood - Күн мурун
Asylum Zi
Asylum Zi - Күн мурун
I’ve had my hair green for 2 months now. 😍
Curtis Watson
Curtis Watson - Күн мурун
I remember when I went green on my birthday last year with Manic Panic’s Green Envy. It was so cool and I loved it, it was the perfect green for me, though it was hard to get out. But it was worth it!
Ely Swim
Ely Swim - Күн мурун
Blue and yellow =green ! And as seen the hair dye ended up being more blue on her hand ! So I think the yellow parts made the blue pigment look more green and the white pigment kept the original color which ended up being more blue !
Leeahna Miller
Leeahna Miller - Күн мурун
I love Stella, she works at a hair salon actually so she usually gets good results with her hair. And I love listening to her talk lol. I want them to collaborate 😍
Allie C
Allie C - Күн мурун
phantom greens undertones are blue. i use arctic fox anytime i dye my hair so i know all the colors and their undertones. kinda like reds can have pink undertones or more of a orange undertone.
Katie Harman
Katie Harman - Күн мурун
Forest green has blue in it to make it a deeper green.. verses neon or lighter green.. ex.. blue and yellow make green so the more blue the deeper the green.. and her hair was very very porous so it’s gonna take more blue
Christina Felix
Christina Felix - Күн мурун
Emerald green from argan oil is SO GOOD I recently went green myself.and .. Omg so in love with the color itz not as dark as these ladies hair is ..more brighter but it's not to bright to where its neon .. I was surprised it came out one even color from root to ends because the base I started with was light blue roots( *that was about 3inches long* )and the rest blonde (*it was purple before I put color remover to get the blonde *)
Hey Lexy!
Hey Lexy! - Күн мурун
I love my green hair 🥰
Kaitlyn Kemp
Kaitlyn Kemp - Күн мурун
As a stylist and previous emerald haired lady I can tell you that Arctic Fox’s website has a formula that is perfect for emerald. Phantom green mixed with Aquamarine (equal parts) and a little bit of Transylvania. I would normally add more of the Transylvania to make it more of a darker green.
okayvxnilla - Күн мурун
Brad: “you look stunning!”

Me: *twirls my hair while licking the Cheeto dust off my fingers* why thank you
Jasmin Schmidt
Jasmin Schmidt - Күн мурун
ok but like brads hair I- i love it sooooooooooooo muchhhh
jay Pierce
jay Pierce - Күн мурун
anyone else notice that the last girls hair went from shortish to long ummmmmmmmm
Evan - Күн мурун
my hair was emerald green for 6+months im super sad i don't have it anymore but im diggin the auburn life
Jessie Marley
Jessie Marley - Күн мурун
About 4 years ago I dyed my hair turquoise and the roots light green, in sunlight it looked really neon. I loved it!