Aston Villa v. Manchester City | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 1/12/2020 | NBC Sports

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Manchester City put Aston Villa to the sword in Birmingham, romping to a 6-1 victory behind a brace from Riyad Mahrez and a historic hat trick for Sergio Aguero. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #ManCity #AstonVilla #RiyadMahrez #SergioAguero
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Aston Villa v. Manchester City | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 1/12/2020 | NBC Sports
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Nathan Salem
Nathan Salem - 7 күн мурун
Shit I don't even know what happened
Chris Lopez
Chris Lopez - 7 күн мурун
What a whopping 😳
Chris Miller
Chris Miller - 7 күн мурун
Aaron Tamkin
Aaron Tamkin - 7 күн мурун
Will Swan
Will Swan - 7 күн мурун
We humans Are idiots
We humans Are idiots - 7 күн мурун
😂 what the hell 28 minutes people are leaving why on earth did you even go to the game
DON - 7 күн мурун
DON - 7 күн мурун
Prime city ?
silverword - 7 күн мурун
De Bruyne is the only man that can pass that beautifully
Mandaw Seck
Mandaw Seck - 7 күн мурун
Danny drinkwater was god awful
Dalton Woods
Dalton Woods - 7 күн мурун
6:30 Why are people leaving? What were you expecting when you come to see a championship level side play one of the best in Europe
Rabah 1
Rabah 1 - 7 күн мурун
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez - 7 күн мурун
How is drinkwater in the PL??
David Henry
David Henry - 7 күн мурун
No comments?
Noah Bahnick
Noah Bahnick - 7 күн мурун
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez - 7 күн мурун
that kdb pass
Ray Legrand
Ray Legrand - 7 күн мурун
David Chavez
David Chavez - 7 күн мурун
De bruyne's pass for the 4th goal.... Wow
Natasha Amott
Natasha Amott - 8 күн мурун
why are there no comments
Sam Talo Odetoyinbo
Sam Talo Odetoyinbo - 8 күн мурун
ahmed abdulle
ahmed abdulle - 8 күн мурун
kdb is too good for any midfielder in the prem
Amar Alrubay
Amar Alrubay - 8 күн мурун
lavalman88 - 8 күн мурун
real madrid gonna win
Max S
Max S - 8 күн мурун
Jaybruhh_64 - 8 күн мурун
Clinton Best
Clinton Best - 8 күн мурун
Kevin Freaking De Bruyne....
Tomas Ashenafi
Tomas Ashenafi - 8 күн мурун
villa were caught panties down.
David Romero
David Romero - 8 күн мурун
Mahrez wavy tooo ✔️
David Romero
David Romero - 8 күн мурун
Aguero is different on Jesus ‼️
SL Badmon
SL Badmon - 8 күн мурун
dam nigga.
bboyg1 - 8 күн мурун
I am so happy for aguero
Mr Sky Man
Mr Sky Man - 8 күн мурун
That’s a rape
jordan Nichols
jordan Nichols - 8 күн мурун
Jose Valencia
Jose Valencia - 8 күн мурун
5:11 his name is drinkwater lol
Emmanuel Enyinwa
Emmanuel Enyinwa - 8 күн мурун
I mean, Aguero, De Breuyne, Mahrez, Gabriel Jesus AND Raheem Sterling? That's like taking on Jesus and the 12 disciples.
John Fischer
John Fischer - 8 күн мурун
bailing henry
bailing henry - 8 күн мурун
Kiko Ayari
Kiko Ayari - 8 күн мурун
The commentator is keeping the same wrong pieces of information.I READ FOOTBALL.
Viman Deb
Viman Deb - 8 күн мурун
That De Bruyne pass at 7:06.
Kiko Ayari
Kiko Ayari - 8 күн мурун
As a mercy, the ref had given compensation to Aston Villa hhhhhhhhh.
Kiko Ayari
Kiko Ayari - 8 күн мурун
Aguero isn't a top scorer. The broadcaster is lying hhhhhhhhhhhhh.Not true.
Kiko Ayari
Kiko Ayari - 8 күн мурун
28 minutes I see some Aston Villa fans are leaving the pitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?. Phony leaves Authentic stays, Arsenal don't ever give-up or easily submit. Aston Villa seems cowards in my perspective despite my opponent's strength. I don't that to my beautiful Arsenal by just walking away.
Kiko Ayari
Kiko Ayari - 8 күн мурун
Sergio got stumbled but that' normal in football.