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Hi beautiful! I'm Brad Mondo, a second generation hairstylist. Subscribe to my channel if you want to laugh, have fun and learn how you can make every day a good hair day!
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Madeline Ziller
Madeline Ziller - 18 саат мурун
How did he still manage to make it look good????💕💕that is TALENT
Shannon Acocella
Shannon Acocella - 18 саат мурун
Brad Mond you should react to holistichabits
Kaylin Pappas
Kaylin Pappas - 18 саат мурун
Plz just come have fun with my hair!
Jasmine Cardozo
Jasmine Cardozo - 18 саат мурун
hey brad there’s probably not any chance you would see this but if so. I really have been wanting to do a split dye and I’m really scared about bleaching my hair. My hair is like a level 5 and 4 I boxed dyed it previously so it’s like two different colors I’m doing the split pink so please give me tips my insta is :grxyjaz or please respond back on here if not it’s fine 😂
Sarah Olney
Sarah Olney - 18 саат мурун
I love dark brown hair on girls with blue eyes. I feel it makes the eyes look so much brighter.
Jenny - 18 саат мурун
The Asian girl is the prettiest one there no wonder they did her dirty
[Pe1] RedSuccubus
[Pe1] RedSuccubus - 18 саат мурун
Brad ... Brad... Brad!!!! You have to react to this fb hair massacre!!!
Aby Griffith
Aby Griffith - 18 саат мурун
Skyler Wilson
Skyler Wilson - 18 саат мурун
Those girls are not her friends and seemed to find it comical that her hair fell out. Find some new friends Baylea, because they are not it
Maliha Hashmi
Maliha Hashmi - 18 саат мурун
'There is no galaxy on earth where that is gonna work.' -Brad Mondo, 2019
Charlotte Jackson
Charlotte Jackson - 18 саат мурун
Please please! React to a women cutting her hair with kitchen knife!
Willows Way
Willows Way - 18 саат мурун
I miss your bright hair!
Charlotte Bull
Charlotte Bull - 18 саат мурун
if you can’t love yourself,how the hell you gonna love somebody else. can i get an amen up it here? ~Queen Rupaul
aeulan . .
aeulan . . - 18 саат мурун
Can you make a video for pixie hair?
Sophia - 18 саат мурун
now i need "A Hairdressers Guide On How To Use Heat Tools"
Lily Carden
Lily Carden - 18 саат мурун
KGmind should not have put this in my recommended cause I’m bout to chop my own bangs
exoel 21
exoel 21 - 18 саат мурун
Seonghwa from ateez, the black long hair and the undercut is a look snm. And hongjoongs braided mullet
Angie Ando
Angie Ando - 18 саат мурун
I like your hair this color!!!!
AwwesomeVal - 18 саат мурун
I cut my best friend's hair yesterday. I was trying to do an emo layered look on him. It didn't look quite the same as when the professionals did it but man I wish I could've recorded it. He's camera shy. And he looks so cute with his new hair cut <3
Nalgotas Saladas
Nalgotas Saladas - 18 саат мурун
Is eric also gay? Lol
Sarah Olney
Sarah Olney - 18 саат мурун
I'm in like the 2% of natural red heads of the world.
Edmund Dantes
Edmund Dantes - 18 саат мурун
Bring him back!
Idah Sanderson
Idah Sanderson - 18 саат мурун
Me over here believing I'm cool-skinned and also have natural warm ginger hair... Is nature playing tricks on me?
Tiffany Saiz
Tiffany Saiz - 18 саат мурун
Yaaaaas I’m cutting it tonight
AwwesomeVal - 18 саат мурун
Jet Fuel, maybe? Those guys who work with the stuff come home with hella black hands everyday
Alanna Campbell
Alanna Campbell - 18 саат мурун
Question. If you’ve already made the mistake of starting on the roots and you now have orange roots how might one fix this? ❤️❤️
Jill Philbrick
Jill Philbrick - 18 саат мурун
This is the worst rainbow I've ever seen!!! Why why why did they only do one color this is the exact opposite of what they were suppose to do
Laurie Evans
Laurie Evans - 18 саат мурун
He picked the same girl for the first and third pic 😂
Christie Webb
Christie Webb - 18 саат мурун
@BradMondo jet is a type of gemstone with a deep black color. It's chemically a half done diamond that still retains the coal black hue.
Sadie Leigh
Sadie Leigh - 18 саат мурун
Question- what about for those of us with colored hair? It’s been POUNDED into my head to use cold ass water when washing to keep the color for longer. Also- shampoos for colored hair??? Is that actually doing anything or is it just a way to sell?
JLeigh - 18 саат мурун
Brad: Explaining cool then warm Me: So distracted by all your comments that I forget to watch the video.
Sierra Schnell
Sierra Schnell - 18 саат мурун
Did they not believe in toners back then? I know this was like 15 years ago but seriously! Amanda could have looked amazing if they just threw a 9T/ clear shades eq moment over it. Or really just all the blondes that they created were quite yellow, my clients would cry if their colors came out that way.
Aneeqah Adams
Aneeqah Adams - 18 саат мурун
Brad, is it bad to use hair clippers to 'cut' my hair to a shorter length?
Alexis G
Alexis G - 18 саат мурун
Is there a video like this for women?
Maniah Woods
Maniah Woods - 18 саат мурун
Gabriela Sabatier
Gabriela Sabatier - 18 саат мурун
I have blue and purple veins, all my foundations are cool tone, but I have Jaundice which causes my skin to turn yellow when I’m struggling with the production of Billy Rubin. Do you have any tips for that?
gloriakmm - 18 саат мурун
You know, sometimes you just have to walk through the valley of darkness before you learn to respect a chemical process. Relaxed girls: can I get an "Amen"? Bleach breakage babes: where you at?
#itscoronatime - 18 саат мурун
this was the best birthday present ever
Bianca Jade
Bianca Jade - 18 саат мурун
Watching these videos has helped me avoid any hair disasters during lock down, thank you so so much 😭😭
Jessica Jimenez
Jessica Jimenez - 18 саат мурун
You should see Sana's blonde from Twice - Feel Special
pissa theroach
pissa theroach - 18 саат мурун
With the skin tone thing what if you have green,purple,and blue veins 😭
Its Me
Its Me - 18 саат мурун
Who else cut their hair after this video?👋🏻
Madison Kobrin
Madison Kobrin - 18 саат мурун
The urge to take my clippers and shave my head is super real...
Lillian Merritt
Lillian Merritt - 18 саат мурун
My skintone varies. Like my arms are tan and my legs are cool. Or somedays im lighter or really dark. What am i?
I had a bad bad experience with a local salon the worst experience I've ever had period my hair is hip lengthy and I had highlights put in and the salon assured me they deal with long hair all the time which I know now is obviously a lie lol when I came in for my appt there was only 1 lady running the place I had 17 foils and it took her 4 hours yes 4 hours crazy shit she kept running out of bleach in her bowl which I expected to happen my hair is thick and half my hair dryed out and stoped developing while the rest kept getting foils and developing while she kept walking off to the back to mix more bleach ugh while she did the rest of my hair brown needless to say half my highlights looked different than the other side she offered to fix it for free ya RIGHT as if I'd even go back EVEN for free who goes back to a salon for free after they botch it ???? Seriously what makes me think next time will be different why even charge me The first time it's not free if I already paid
Jada Nichole
Jada Nichole - 18 саат мурун
“A nice patato”😂😂
Ruby Vlogs
Ruby Vlogs - 18 саат мурун
I’m sorry but this video didn’t help me at all sorry no offence
Craig Jones
Craig Jones - 18 саат мурун
That's mid-life crises
Dorota - 18 саат мурун
Glitter isnt good for the environment
TheNunududu - 18 саат мурун
That last girl has really poor dexterity.
Aug 101
Aug 101 - 18 саат мурун
Just in time for this info cuz my bleach is coming in the mail soon
Liza Kiss
Liza Kiss - 18 саат мурун
As a neutral queen with pink hair, I’m glad you approve
Infinitely ASMR
Infinitely ASMR - 18 саат мурун
Brad: “I don’t actually like kids” Also brad: has a meltdown because of a sneeze
Mr.CarrotLeEpic Idk
Mr.CarrotLeEpic Idk - 18 саат мурун
so basically I cant dye my hair a mint green Oof I have brown hair with some dark blonde as well
Jordyn Frost
Jordyn Frost - 18 саат мурун
I feel very shocked that they we taking pictures of them topless. It felt wrong. And messed up.
R - 18 саат мурун
I love your intro sm
R - 18 саат мурун
I love your intro sm
TheShyOne - 18 саат мурун
I dyed my hair, just the ends. Only the ends. Bleached it first, a day before. But then....I RAN OUT so I couldn't get it all. JUST THE ENDS
Pinky The Unicorn
Pinky The Unicorn - 18 саат мурун
maya koppada
maya koppada - 18 саат мурун
i have lie jet black hair but when i was younger i would do anything to convince people that i had DARK BROWN hair lol
Kirsten Ashley
Kirsten Ashley - 18 саат мурун
I wash my hair when it feels oily so that’s about every 2-3 days. I’m a oily scalp and dry end and I recommend the (drug store uk) herbal essences dazzling shine shampoo and the L’Oréal extraordinary clay conditioner. That conditioner saved my life and I’m currently looking for a new one because I no longer need it because it fixed my hair.
Marilyn Peralta
Marilyn Peralta - 18 саат мурун
*me on google* google: Jet is a type of lignite, a precursor to coal, and is a gemstone. Jet is not a mineral, but rather a mineraloid. It has an organic origin, being derived from wood that has decayed under extreme pressure. ... The adjective "jet-black",meaning as dark a black as possible, derives from this material.
Connor Piper
Connor Piper - 18 саат мурун
Smartphone power consumption ~5W. Hair dryer power consumption ~1500W. It would be just as unwieldy if there was a battery able to output 15A on it.
Natalia Chiappe
Natalia Chiappe - 18 саат мурун
Hey, please react to joana ceddia shaving her head!!!!!!!
Casper W.
Casper W. - 18 саат мурун
jett is oil. That's what's "jet black," not flying jets lol
Samantha - 18 саат мурун
0:15 Huh, I wonder how long till that- 0:45 Oh.
gloriakmm - 18 саат мурун
Luckily, she's gorgeous, so...💇🏼🙂
ZoeyTube XD
ZoeyTube XD - 18 саат мурун
I was going to buy one... lol
Elizabeth Floyd
Elizabeth Floyd - 18 саат мурун
After seeing you beat that powder (“flour”) into her hair I wanna see you make cookies from scratch😂 you’re hilarious Mondo
siân_x - 18 саат мурун
brad there isn’t enough dye in the box to cover your head properly. we have to be stingy uno
shut the duck up
shut the duck up - 18 саат мурун
Omg I couldn't watch brad not put the white part to his mouth...
Megan Merlyne
Megan Merlyne - 18 саат мурун
Thanks so much! My haircutter did like a hella professional cut on my hair half a year I needed my split ends trimmed or else there's be nothing left for her to work with next year (while stil respectin her cut like mission impossible). I couldn't have done it without this video
iChristy - 18 саат мурун
I shaved my head twice a few years back because I have naturally black hair, but it started going gray/silver/white all super early (when I was in my teens) I was getting so tired having to color it ever 2 weeks. It felt great so good with a shaved head!! When it started coming back I got so many coming up to me asking who streaked my hair silver, I was like Mother Nature!! So I guess it was a good idea to start from scratch.
Watermelon ,
Watermelon , - 18 саат мурун
audrey beuter
audrey beuter - 19 саат мурун
but i have short hair lol
lexiqu360 - 19 саат мурун
Please give us the curly version!!
Trish LeBlanc-Palmer
Trish LeBlanc-Palmer - 19 саат мурун
Why does my hair always look copper/reddish when I try my own highlights or color? I've used 20-40v developers. I'm naturally very dark dark brown almost black but have started graying early.... Help!
Martina Lucero
Martina Lucero - 19 саат мурун
Virgin hair here and this made me want to never dye my hair
taemin park
taemin park - 19 саат мурун
I'm a year late but you know BTS jk?
X x_minty_x X
X x_minty_x X - 19 саат мурун
I got a cap highlight and it turned out really good and I got a lot of highlights done and it turned out really good and I have really dark brown hair🤷🏻‍♀️😁
kikyo - 19 саат мурун
I have very FRIZZY wavy curls. conditioning my hair daily is a must for it look decent, I shampoo twice a week. I wish I could wake up with decent hair without having to water it down. Any tips for that?
Jaqulynne amber Lamountain
Jaqulynne amber Lamountain - 19 саат мурун
When Brad mondo used to go to your school and was in your shop😋💅😳
Luna Rebecca
Luna Rebecca - 19 саат мурун
I love black hair
Shiloh B
Shiloh B - 19 саат мурун
I shaved to a no 2 and loved it. The grow out is real though.
Kiana Nardone
Kiana Nardone - 19 саат мурун
PLEASE PLEASEEEEE Do a video on how to cut men’s hair with a fade or whatever. I’m about to mess it up but I won’t even have a camera to make content for you! I don’t know if you do men’s videos but I would love one!
 - 19 саат мурун
i feel like ive seen toccara on dr phil
unicornawesomeness gummybears
unicornawesomeness gummybears - 19 саат мурун
No this is just British ppl
Roxanne Crabbe
Roxanne Crabbe - 19 саат мурун
I rlly want to meet your dad
Abbi-Rose Folan
Abbi-Rose Folan - 19 саат мурун
As someone who literally melted all their hair off, the only way to save it is to just shave it all off and start again🤦‍♀️
Lucy Moore
Lucy Moore - 19 саат мурун
Yea funny how everyone who is shaving their hair is extremely beautiful
Sharae Tucker
Sharae Tucker - 19 саат мурун
This just reminds me of the time my hair was this long and I decided to donate it and get a nice haircut. I went to a salon in California and they charged me extra for my long hair even though they ponytail chopped all of it off... turned out well though.
Ryo Asuka
Ryo Asuka - 19 саат мурун
I'm bald, why am I watching this?
Ciaragt Feeleyg
Ciaragt Feeleyg - 19 саат мурун
Me here watching this while I’m dying my 2 front pieces
emlyn figueroa
emlyn figueroa - 19 саат мурун
hey Brad!!! do you have a video on how to do peekaboo highlights? if not it would be awesome if you make one! thanks!!
Courtney Rogers
Courtney Rogers - 19 саат мурун
I have been dying to cut my hair! So I watched this video and did it! Annnnnnd I love it! I took my time like you said and I really truly feel so much better. I took like an inch and a half off and it feels so much lighter and healthier. Seriously, thank you so much for uploading this video and for giving me the confidence that I really could do this and not end up in tears. 💜
laura fiuza
laura fiuza - 19 саат мурун
10:50 Hmmm we got some noodles right here
Chelsea Mujuru
Chelsea Mujuru - 19 саат мурун
I wish she had just cut it into a bob and left it alone
Your Average Alex
Your Average Alex - 19 саат мурун
I need helppp! I have balayaged roots that have grown out a lot and look horrible. The rest on my hair is about a level 8 with really super faded pink, so its almost a strawberry blonde. I want to take the pink out and lift it a little lighter and also make my roots the same color. Should I apply the bleach all over since my roots will lift fast because of my scalps heat and the rest of my hair is already lightened? Should I start at the roots since they haven’t been bleached yet? Should I start at the ends since roots lift faster? SOS Idk what to do lol
Mia Beaulieu
Mia Beaulieu - 19 саат мурун
I’m going to try this tonight wish me luck 🤞
mochi모치 - 19 саат мурун
"I tried it out for a few days to get used to it" "I'm actuallY shOcKEd" ???